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a conversation so inoffensive, of so little moment to either. But so it actually had been. It all arose from his laughing at the girls high schools, declaring they were useless, while she defended them. He had spoken slightingly of womens education in general, and had said that Hannah, Annas English protegee, had not the slightest need to know anything of physics. This irritated Anna. She saw in this a contemptuous reference to her occupations. And she bethought her of a phrase to pay him back for the pain he had given her. "I dont expect you to understand me, my feelings, as anyone who loved me might, but simple delicacy I did expect," she said. And he had actually flushed with vexation, and had said something unpleasant. She could not recall her answer, but at that point, with an unmistakable desire to wound her too, he had said: "I feel no interest in your infatuation over this girl, thats true, because I see its unnatural." The cruelty with which he shattered the world she had built up for herself so laboriously to enable her to endure her hard life, the injustice with which he had accused her of affectation, of artificiality, aroused her. "I am very sorry that nothing but whats coarse and material is comprehensible and natural to you," she said and walked out of the room. When he had come in to her yesterday evening, they had not referred to the quarrel, but both felt that the quarrel had been smoothed over, but was not at an end. Today he had not been at home all day, and she felt so lonely and wretched in being on bad terms with him that she wanted to forget it all, to forgive him, and be reconciled with him; she wanted to throw the blame on herself and to justify him. "I am myself to blame. Im irritable, Im insanely jealous. I will make it up with him, and well go away to the country; there I shall be more at peace." "Unnatural!" She suddenly recalled the word that had stung her most of all, not so much the word itself as the intent to wound her with which it was said. "I know what he meant; he meant-- unnatural, not loving my own daughter, to love another persons child. What does he know of love for children, of my love for Seryozha, whom Ive sacrificed for him? But that wish to wound me! No, he loves another woman, it must be so." And perceiving that, while trying to regain her peace of mind, she had gone round the same circle that she had been round so often before, and had come back to her former state of exasperation, she was horrified at herself. "Can it be impossible? Can it be beyond me to control myself?" she said to herself, and began again from the beginning. "Hes truthful, hes honest, he loves me. I love him, and in a few days the divorce will come. What more do I want? I want peace of mind and trust, and I will take the blame on myself. Yes, now when he comes in, I will tell him I was wrong, though I was not wrong, and we will go away tomorrow." And to escape thinking any more, and being overcome by irritability, she rang, and ordered the boxes to be brought up for packing their things for the country. At ten oclock Vronsky came in. Chapter 24 "Well, was it nice?" she asked, coming out to meet him with a penitent and meek expression. "Just as usual," he answered, seeing at a glance that she was in one of her good moods. He was used by now to these transitions, and he was particularly glad to see it today, as he was in a specially good humor himself. "What do I see? Come, thats good!" he said, pointing to the boxes in the passage. "Yes, we must go. I went out for a drive, and it was so fine I longed to be in the country. Theres nothing to keep you, is there?" "Its the one thing I desire. Ill be back directly, and well talk it over; I only want to change my coat. Order some tea." And he went into his room. There was something mortifying in the way he had said "Come, thats good," as one says to a child when it leaves off being naughty,

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