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War And Peace

And the stern, stony expression that she so dreaded settled upon his face. "Well, Im glad. And are you well?" he said, wiping his damp beard with his handkerchief and kissing her hand. "Never mind," she thought, "only let him be here, and so long as hes here he cannot, he dare not, cease to love me." The evening was spent happily and gaily in the presence of Princess Varvara, who complained to him that Anna had been taking morphine in his absence. "What am I to do? I couldnt sleep.... My thoughts prevented me. When hes here I never take it--hardly ever." He told her about the election, and Anna knew how by adroit questions to bring him to what gave him most pleasure--his own success. She told him of everything that interested him at home; and all that she told him was of the most cheerful description. But late in the evening, when they were alone, Anna, seeing that she had regained complete possession of him, wanted to erase the painful impression of the glance he had given her for her letter. She said: "Tell me frankly, you were vexed at getting my letter, and you didnt believe me?" As soon as she had said it, she felt that however warm his feelings were to her, he had not forgiven her for that. "Yes," he said, "the letter was so strange. First, Annie ill, and then you thought of coming yourself." "It was all the truth." "Oh, I dont doubt it." "Yes, you do doubt it. You are vexed, I see." "Not for one moment. Im only vexed, thats true, that you seem somehow unwilling to admit that there are duties..." "The duty of going to a concert..." "But we wont talk about it," he said. "Why not talk about it?" she said. "I only meant to say that matters of real importance may turn up. Now, for instance, I shall have to go to Moscow to arrange about the house.... Oh, Anna, why are you so irritable? Dont you know that I cant live without you?" "If so," said Anna, her voice suddenly changing, "it means that you are sick of this life.... Yes, you will come for a day and go away, as men do..." "Anna, thats cruel. I am ready to give up my whole life." But she did not hear him. "If you go to Moscow, I will go too. I will not stay here. Either we must separate or else live together." "Why, you know, thats my one desire. But for that..." "We must get a divorce. I will write to him. I see I cannot go on like this.... But I will come with you to Moscow." "You talk as if you were threatening me. But I desire nothing so much as never to be parted from you," said Vronsky, smiling. But as he said these words there gleamed in his eyes not merely a cold look, but the vindictive look of a man persecuted and made cruel. She saw the look and correctly divined its meaning. "If so, its a calamity!" that glance told her. It was a moments impression, but she never forgot it. Anna wrote to her husband asking him about a divorce, and towards the end of November, taking leave of Princess Varvara, who wanted to go to Petersburg, she went with Vronsky to Moscow. Expecting every day an answer from Alexey Alexandrovitch, and after that the divorce, they now established themselves together like married people. PART 7 Chapter 1 The Levins had been three months in Moscow. The date had long passed on which, according to the most trustworthy calculations of people learned in such matters, Kitty should have been confined. But she was still about, and there was nothing to show that her time was any nearer than two months ago. The doctor, the monthly nurse, and Dolly and her mother, and most of all Levin, who could not think of the approaching event without terror, began to be impatient and uneasy. Kitty was the only person who felt perfectly calm and happy. She was distinctly conscious now of the birth of a new feeling of love for the future child, for her to some extent actually existing already, and she brooded blissfully over this feeling. He was not by now altogether a part of herself, but sometimes lived his own life independently of her. Often this separate being gave her pain, but at the same time

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