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Anna Karenina

War And Peace

not far?" "I tell you, its just here. As soon as you get out..." he said, keeping hold all the while of the carriage. A healthy-looking, broad-shouldered young fellow came up too. "What, is it laborers they want for the harvest?" he asked. "I dont know, my boy." "So you keep to the left, and youll come right on it," said the peasant, unmistakably loth to let the travelers go, and eager to converse. The coachman started the horses, but they were only just turning off when the peasant shouted: "Stop! Hi, friend! Stop!" called the two voices. The coachman stopped. "Theyre coming! Theyre yonder!" shouted the peasant. "See what a turn-out!" he said, pointing to four persons on horseback, and two in a _char-a-banc_, coming along the road. They were Vronsky with a jockey, Veslovsky and Anna on horseback, and Princess Varvara and Sviazhsky in the _char-a-banc_. They had gone out to look at the working of a new reaping machine. When the carriage stopped, the party on horseback were coming at a walking pace. Anna was in front beside Veslovsky. Anna, quietly walking her horse, a sturdy English cob with cropped mane and short tail, her beautiful head with her black hair straying loose under her high hat, her full shoulders, her slender waist in her black riding habit, and all the ease and grace of her deportment, impressed Dolly. For the first minute it seemed to her unsuitable for Anna to be on horseback. The conception of riding on horseback for a lady was, in Darya Alexandrovnas mind, associated with ideas of youthful flirtation and frivolity, which, in her opinion, was unbecoming in Annas position. But when she had scrutinized her, seeing her closer, she was at once reconciled to her riding. In spite of her elegance, everything was so simple, quiet, and dignified in the attitude, the dress and the movements of Anna, that nothing could have been more natural. Beside Anna, on a hot-looking gray cavalry horse, was Vassenka Veslovsky in his Scotch cap with floating ribbons, his stout legs stretched out in front, obviously pleased with his own appearance. Darya Alexandrovna could not suppress a good-humored smile as she recognized him. Behind rode Vronsky on a dark bay mare, obviously heated from galloping. He was holding her in, pulling at the reins. After him rode a little man in the dress of a jockey. Sviazhsky and Princess Varvara in a new _char-a-banc_ with a big, raven-black trotting horse, overtook the party on horseback. Annas face suddenly beamed with a joyful smile at the instant when, in the little figure huddled in a corner of the old carriage, she recognized Dolly. She uttered a cry, started in the saddle, and set her horse into a gallop. On reaching the carriage she jumped off without assistance, and holding up her riding habit, she ran up to greet Dolly. "I thought it was you and dared not think it. How delightful! You cant fancy how glad I am!" she said, at one moment pressing her face against Dolly and kissing her, and at the next holding her off and examining her with a smile. "Heres a delightful surprise, Alexey!" she said, looking round at Vronsky, who had dismounted, and was walking towards them. Vronsky, taking off his tall gray hat, went up to Dolly. "You wouldnt believe how glad we are to see you," he said, giving peculiar significance to the words, and showing his strong white teeth in a smile. Vassenka Veslovsky, without getting off his horse, took off his cap and greeted the visitor by gleefully waving the ribbons over his head. "Thats Princess Varvara," Anna said in reply to a glance of inquiry from Dolly as the _char-a-banc_ drove up. "Ah!" said Darya Alexandrovna, and unconsciously her face betrayed her dissatisfaction. Princess Varvara was her husbands aunt, and she had long known her, and did not respect her. She knew that Princess Varvara had passed her whole life toadying on her rich relations, but that she should now be sponging on Vronsky, a man who was nothing to her, mortified Dolly on account of her kinship with her husband. Anna noticed Dollys expression, and was disconcerted by it. She blushed, dropped her riding habit, and stumbled over it. Darya Alexandrovna went up to the _char-a-banc_ and coldly greeted Princess Varvara. Sviazhsky too she knew. He inquired how his queer friend with the young wife was, and running his eyes over the ill-matched horses and the carriage with its

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