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Anna Karenina

War And Peace

presently," said Kitty. "Kostya, whats the matter?" she asked, definitely adopting this familiar name as soon as the maid had gone out. She noticed his strange face, agitated and gloomy, and a panic came over her. "Kitty! Im in torture. I cant suffer alone," he said with despair in his voice, standing before her and looking imploringly into her eyes. He saw already from her loving, truthful face, that nothing could come of what he had meant to say, but yet he wanted her to reassure him herself. "Ive come to say that theres still time. This can all be stopped and set right." "What? I dont understand. What is the matter?" "What I have said a thousand times over, and cant help thinking ...that Im not worthy of you. You couldnt consent to marry me. Think a little. Youve made a mistake. Think it over thoroughly. You cant love me.... If...better say so," he said, not looking at her. "I shall be wretched. Let people say what they like; anythings better than misery.... Far better now while theres still time...." "I dont understand," she answered, panic-stricken; "you mean you want to give it up...dont want it?" "Yes, if you dont love me." "Youre out of your mind!" she cried, turning crimson with vexation. But his face was so piteous, that she restrained her vexation, and flinging some clothes off an arm-chair, she sat down beside him. "What are you thinking? tell me all." "I am thinking you cant love me. What can you love me for?" "My God! what can I do?..." she said, and burst into tears. "Oh! what have I done?" he cried, and kneeling before her, he fell to kissing her hands. When the princess came into the room five minutes later, she found them completely reconciled. Kitty had not simply assured him that she loved him, but had gone so far--in answer to his question, what she loved him for--as to explain what for. She told him that she loved him because she understood him completely, because she knew what he would like, and because everything he liked was good. And this seemed to him perfectly clear. When the princess came to them, they were sitting side by side on the chest, sorting the dresses and disputing over Kittys wanting to give Dunyasha the brown dress she had been wearing when Levin proposed to her, while he insisted that that dress must never be given away, but Dunyasha must have the blue one. "How is it you dont see? Shes a brunette, and it wont suit her.... Ive worked it all out." Hearing why he had come, the princess was half humorously, half seriously angry with him, and sent him home to dress and not to hinder Kittys hair-dressing, as Charles the hair-dresser was just coming. "As it is, shes been eating nothing lately and is losing her looks, and then you must come and upset her with your nonsense," she said to him. "Get along with you, my dear!" Levin, guilty and shamefaced, but pacified, went back to his hotel. His brother, Darya Alexandrovna, and Stepan Arkadyevitch, all in full dress, were waiting for him to bless him with the holy picture. There was no time to lose. Darya Alexandrovna had to drive home again to fetch her curled and pomaded son, who was to carry the holy pictures after the bride. Then a carriage had to be sent for the best man, and another that would take Sergey Ivanovitch away would have to be sent back.... Altogether there were a great many most complicated matters to be considered and arranged. One thing was unmistakable, that there must be no delay, as it was already half-past six. Nothing special happened at the ceremony of benediction with the holy picture. Stepan Arkadyevitch stood in a comically solemn pose beside his wife, took the holy picture, and telling Levin to bow down to the ground, he blessed him with his kindly, ironical smile, and kissed him three times; Darya Alexandrovna did the same, and immediately was in a hurry to get off, and again plunged into the intricate question of the destinations of the various carriages. "Come, Ill tell you how well manage: you drive in our carriage to fetch him, and Sergey Ivanovitch, if hell be so good, will drive there and then send his carriage." "Of course; I shall be delighted." "Well come on

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