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Anna Karenina

War And Peace

interference in the most difficult private affairs is utterly uncalled for. She especially..." "I dont believe a word of whats said about her," said Anna quickly. "I know she really cares for me." Alexey Alexandrovitch sighed and said nothing. She played nervously with the tassel of her dressing-gown, glancing at him with that torturing sensation of physical repulsion for which she blamed herself, though she could not control it. Her only desire now was to be rid of his oppressive presence. "I have just sent for the doctor," said Alexey Alexandrovitch. "I am very well; what do I want the doctor for?" "No, the little one cries, and they say the nurse hasnt enough milk." "Why didnt you let me nurse her, when I begged to? Anyway" (Alexey Alexandrovitch knew what was meant by that "anyway"), "shes a baby, and theyre killing her." She rang the bell and ordered the baby to be brought her. "I begged to nurse her, I wasnt allowed to, and now Im blamed for it." "I dont blame..." "Yes, you do blame me! My God! why didnt I die!" And she broke into sobs. "Forgive me, Im nervous, Im unjust," she said, controlling herself, "but do go away..." "No, it cant go on like this," Alexey Alexandrovitch said to himself decidedly as he left his wifes room. Never had the impossibility of his position in the worlds eyes, and his wifes hatred of him, and altogether the might of that mysterious brutal force that guided his life against his spiritual inclinations, and exacted conformity with its decrees and change in his attitude to his wife, been presented to him with such distinctness as that day. He saw clearly that all the world and his wife expected of him something, but what exactly, he could not make out. He felt that this was rousing in his soul a feeling of anger destructive of his peace of mind and of all the good of his achievement. He believed that for Anna herself it would be better to break off all relations with Vronsky; but if they all thought this out of the question, he was even ready to allow these relations to be renewed, so long as the children were not disgraced, and he was not deprived of them nor forced to change his position. Bad as this might be, it was anyway better than a rupture, which would put her in a hopeless and shameful position, and deprive him of everything he cared for. But he felt helpless; he knew beforehand that every one was against him, and that he would not be allowed to do what seemed to him now so natural and right, but would be forced to do what was wrong, though it seemed the proper thing to them. Chapter 21 Before Betsy had time to walk out of the drawing-room, she was met in the doorway by Stepan Arkadyevitch, who had just come from Yeliseevs, where a consignment of fresh oysters had been received. "Ah! princess! what a delightful meeting!" he began. "Ive been to see you." "A meeting for one minute, for Im going," said Betsy, smiling and putting on her glove. "Dont put on your glove yet, princess; let me kiss your hand. Theres nothing Im so thankful to the revival of the old fashions for as the kissing the hand." He kissed Betsys hand. "When shall we see each other?" "You dont deserve it," answered Betsy, smiling. "Oh, yes, I deserve a great deal, for Ive become a most serious person. I dont only manage my own affairs, but other peoples too," he said, with a significant expression. "Oh, Im so glad!" answered Betsy, at once understanding that he was speaking of Anna. And going back into the drawing room, they stood in a corner. "Hes killing her," said Betsy in a whisper full of meaning. "Its impossible, impossible..." "Im so glad you think so," said Stepan Arkadyevitch, shaking his head with a serious and sympathetically distressed expression, "thats what Ive come to Petersburg for." "The whole towns talking of it," she said. "Its an impossible position. She pines and pines away. He doesnt understand that shes one of those women who cant trifle with their feelings. One of two things: either let him take her away, act with energy, or give her a divorce. This is stifling her." "Yes, yes...just so..." Oblonsky said, sighing. "Thats what Ive come for. At least not solely for that...Ive been made a _Kammerherr_;

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